Sunday, January 30, 2011

wedding cake

This is the wedding cake that I did for this past weekend. It's all fondant covered. I made all of the shells and coral out of white chocolate.
The grooms cake was a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream and ganache.
The couples hobbies include mountain climbing. Thats where the topper idea came from.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I saw this quote today as I was doing research for a project that I'm working on. I find it to be so inspiring and I want to read it every day just to remind me of life's possibilities ;-) I thought I'd share...

Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine
and at last you create what you will.

-George Bernard Shaw-

Monday, January 17, 2011

Paper Mache and Mod Podge

I came across an awsome blog the other day called "A Diamond in the Stuff". I loved how she decorated her paper mache letters for Valentine's Day! I followed the tutorial and this is what I came up with.

You can use scrapbook paper but I actually used wrapping paper to do this project.

Then I used an extra fine point Sharpie paint pen to make the stitch lines around the X's.

And used ribbon and rinestones to embellish the letters for a pretty finish.

Below is the link to the tutorial where this idea came from. Thank you Courtney from A Diamond in the Stuff!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Picture display

I decided to start using some of this beautiful scrap book paper I've accumulated. Last night I went to Walmart and purchased a few 5 x 7 pieces of craft wood. It was located right by the Mod Podge. I came home and immediately went to work on these two awsome newly Mod Podged pics.

These are hanging on the wall right now but you could also use a small picture stand to display.

Monday, January 3, 2011


 So the new craft that I'm obsessing over at the time is wreaths. Not your typical wreath. These are all made of fabric, yarn, felt and scrap booking embellishments. I recently learned how to make an assortment of flowers using felt and fabric and I'm having so much fun creating!

Made to match Aeris's room. The wreath looks very dark in this pic. It's actually different shades of purple, pink, and a light grey.

Made to match Ashley's room. Pink , yellow and white with a splash of purple.

I made this for my sister, I haven't sent it to her yet so I hope she doesn't see this before she gets it! I just learned how to make pom pom flowers out of fabric! I just used a few on this one ;-)
I ripped up an old pair of jeans and made this wreath out of denim (for the base)
All of the flowers are either fabric or felt.